Mid-Autumn Festival: A Time for Festival and Family Reunion

"The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and the whole family is happy to celebrate the reunion." In September, the air gradually floating in the fragrance of laurel, sky and clouds are gentle and rustling, we ushered in the most gentle and poetic festival of the year - the Mid-Autumn Festival.

On the afternoon of September 9th, when the Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, in order to let each employee feel the warmth of the company, and also to thank everyone for their hard work, enhance the cohesion of the company and the sense of belonging of employees, the company carefully prepared a Mid-Autumn welfare for all employees, wish everyone a happy holiday.

The Mid-Autumn Festival benefits, the company carefully selected and purchased the moon cake gift boxes and delicious drinks to distribute to everyone, not only to bring everyone a reunion and happiness, but also to the hearts of employees brought full of moved and motivated. Make them feel the company's love and warmth.

In Chimicron, every year of the traditional festivals, we will send holiday greetings and blessings to employees, we believe that in the future, every employee of Chimicron will turn into the next step for work, make persistent efforts, continue to work hard and to build a better tomorrow!